Raised to Rule

Pastor Mat Samuelson December 13, 2020 Revelation 20:1-15 Sermon was originally given December 13, 2020. Due to technical issues with the original recording, the sermon was re-recorded with the same message on January 02, 2021

What Not To Do

Pastor Mat Samuelson November 15, 2020 Revelation 16:1-18

Where You Live

Pastor Mat Samuelson July 05, 2020 Revelation 2:12-17

Fall to Rise

Pastor Mat SamuelsonFebruary 16, 2020John 12:20-26

Habit #2: Eat with People

Pastor Mat SamuelsonJanuary 19, 2020Luke 7:31-35 Due to technical difficulties, the sermon was not recorded this week.

Memorial Service

Memorial Service for Howard Blanchard Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Glastonbury Community Church To listen to the service, click here. Howard F. Blanchard, 92 of Glastonbury, passed away peacefully on Saturday, August 31, in hospice at Middlesex Hospital, Middletown. Howard was born in Columbus, OH on May 17, 1927 to […]

Now I See

Pastor Mat SamuelsonJune 23, 2019John 9:1-12

His Word for Life

Pastor Mat Samuelson March 31, 2019 John 4:43-54 Due to technical difficulties, this week’s sermon was not recorded.

Born Anew

Pastor Mat SamuelsonMarch 17, 2019John 3:1-21